By Matt Birchler
I've been writing here since 2010! Back when personal blogs were all the rage. Kids, ask your parents.

Don't Get Too Used to Net Neutrality

The FCC’s Ajit Pai on net neutrality's place in the Trump administration:

The commission "need[s] to remove outdated and unnecessary regulations... We need to fire up the weed whacker and remove those rules that are holding back investment, innovation, and job creation,"

Oh, fuck you.

This doesn't square with Trump's hands on stance towards the AT&T and Time Warner merger:

As an example of the power structure I'm fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few

Trump does not have consistent positions; he wants the government to step in when he feels like it, and stay out of it when he feels like it.

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