Finding Your Safe Space

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Daring Fireball: Petulant Wingnuts Push Parler

This is what puts the lie to claims that Twitter and Facebook moderating and labeling content is an infringement on free speech. Don’t like Twitter or Facebook’s rules? Use something else.
That said, I have my doubts that Parler, in particular, is going to work very well. I signed up and poked around a few weeks ago, and while it looks and works much like Twitter, conceptually, the content felt something out of a wingnut-flavored Idiocracy. It wasn’t about the content having a wingnut Trumpian slant, it was that the content all seemed to be generated. It wasn’t people writing tweet-like posts. It was all just auto-posted stuff pushing me to read articles on rightwing sites. I don’t see it taking off.

This is really it, private companies have the ability to set their own guidelines for their platforms, and these ridiculous demands by conservative politicians and users that Twitter and Facebook must amplify their statements are just tired.

I hope that Parler is the safe space people need to share their views without getting push back.