Fingerprint Sensors in All the Things

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
Fingerprint Sensors in All the Things

I could be way off about this, but I keep thinking about that Touch ID sensor in the power button on the new iPad Air.

Then I think about the new iPhone 12 design we've seen leaked all over the place.

After rattling both around in my brain for a week, I wanted to get these in writing because I think there's a chance I'm dead on here.

  1. The iPhone 12 Pro phones will come with Touch ID in the power button, as well as the Face ID we know and love. They will be marketed as letting you authenticate securely with your face most of the time, but in a world where masks are increasingly common, your having your fingerprint available will increase the odds you are securely doing things on your phone. Expect an ad with people in masks.
  2. The next iPad Pro iteration will have largely the same physical design, but it too will gain the Touch ID sensor in the power button. It too will keep the Face ID sensors.