Force Touch as the Future of Smartphone Interface? This Android Fan Says Yes

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Anshel Sag from Forbes spent a month with the iPhone 7 Plus after using only Android phones for his whole smartphone life. He has a lot of interesting insights to the iOS experience. Insights you can really only get from someone who is so used to one side of the fence and steps out of their comfort zone.

While the whole article, this part caught my eye the most:

I also cannot speak more highly of my experience with Force Touch, it takes some learning and exploring, but some applications like Instagram simply make Force Touch amazing. I wish more devices would have Force Touch, because I genuinely believe that it is the future of smartphone interfaces. In addition to Force Touch I recently used AirDrop, which was by far the fastest and most painless sharing of an audio file from one device to another that I have ever witnessed. It was shocking, really.

This is very much in line with my own thinking, but Anshel may be even more bullish on Force Touch than me. I like Force Touch, and would not want to go back to a phone that doesn't have it, but it's something I think is convenient, not essential.

That said, AirDrop is amazing, and something that Android simply comes nowhere close to replicating (Google should buy Pushbullet and build it in at the system level). Maybe I'm the unicorn where it just works all the time, but it does and is a magical way to get files between devices and I use it literally all the time.