Goodies: February 10

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

New video from Hot Chip. Their new album comes out May 18.

Shawn Blanc has a new book called The Power of a Focused Life, which looks very good. Watch the trailer on the page to get pumped and get shit done today.

If you still use a screensaver on your Mac, SAVER SCREENSSON might be just for you.

Nintendo's Amiibo figures have taken off in a big way, and it's now just about impossible to find most of the more popular figures in any store. I've been browsing Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and Wal Mart websites in a vain attempt to find them in stock somewhere. Amiibo Tracker streamlines that process by doing all those searches for you.

On a side note, Amazon, it's not helpful to get an email saying "Toon Link is in stock" and then opening the link to see that it's someone reselling their's for $80. Don't get my hopes up!

More of a flop than a "goodie", but ArsTechnica has a review of Samsung's first Tizen phone. Spoiler alert: it's bad. Real bad.

This video of Ruth Bader Ginsburg talking about feminism is even better than you hoped

10 Ways to Teach Yourself to Code

If you were a fan of the Inside Gaming crew, they have reconvened as Funhaus (fun-house). There's no gaming content there yet, but hopefully there will be soon.

And finally, Federico Viticci did what he does best and wrote an epic article about how he has made the iPad Air 2 his primary computing device.