Goodies: June 23

Good morning and happy Tuesday, everyone! Here’s your weekly dose of goodies. Just a housekeeping note, there will be no new episode of Bite SIze Tech today, seeing as I have to work all day. I’m going to try and squeeze in an episode before the week’s end, but I can’t promise it. Expect things to get back to normal next week.

How Do We Measure an Audience? from on Vimeo.

New Music

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Links of Note

  • To Apple, Love Taylor – Taylor Swift
  • Apple Music agrees to pay artists during three-month free trial following Taylor Swift’s criticism – NME
  • Samsung’s Mobile Dilemma – Monday Note
  • The PS4’s new media player is perfect for torrents – The Verge
  • Photoshop CC 2015 Improvements – Bjango
  • Apple vs Google – The New Yorker
  • A New Theory of Distraction – The New Yorker
  • Who Has Your Back? (PDF) – EFF
  • The Watcher of the Apple Watch: Jeff Williams at Code 2015 (Video) – Recode
  • You Have Ideas – Shawn Blanc
  • Nobody Knows What The Hell They Are Doing – 99u
  • You win, Microsoft: How I accidentally went back to Microsoft Word – ArsTechnica
  • The story of the invention that could revolutionize batteries—and maybe American manufacturing as well – Quartz
  • Moleskine Alternatives – The Pen Addict

Swag of the Week

Field Notes just put out their biggest seasonal collection ever. The Worksohp Companion is 6 pocket notebooks themed on DIY disciplines like Gardening, Plumbing, and Wood Working. Best of all, each book uses dotted grid pages. Oh yeah!