Google (sorta) Releases (a link to) Chrome on the Windows Store

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Google Chrome Lands on the Microsoft Store As a Download Link -

The company today released the Google Chrome Installer on the Microsoft Store, which is a modern Windows 10 web wrapper app that loads the Google Chrome download page. From there, users follow the usual download link to download and install the browser using the default browser on their operating system. And that’s basically it.

As Mehedi mentions, this is likely due to the Windows Store's limitation that web browsers in the store must use the Edge engine and Chrome uses Chromium, but it's still hilarious. You're essentially opening the Windows Store, searching for Chrome, and then "downloading" a link to Chrome's download page so you can download and install it like you would today…except this way has way more steps 🙄.