HomePod Issue? Just Turn it Off!

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

A HomePod Intervention - Stephen Hackett

Our smart speakers have always been under a counter in the kitchen, and we brush the top of them a lot more than we realized after the HomePod would start blaring music after any accidental touch. Apple should have an option to disable it.

Having trouble with Siri on the HomePod? Turn it off. Don’t like the complete lack of security for messages, reminders, and notes? Turn it off. Don’t like the lack of multi-user support messing with your music recommendations? Turn them off. Having trouble with the touch surface? If only we could turn it off.

The HomePod has some really good qualities, but it’s unfortunate how the way to improve some of its less impressive features is to just turn them off. I’m looking forward to WWDC and see how they’re moving this product forward.