How Much Would You Pay Not to Go to Trial?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Elizabeth Lopatto for The Verge:

“He was staring down the business end of what was likely going to be a very unpleasant deposition,” Talley says. “It was going to include a lot of things that, let’s just say, charitably, were extremely inconsistent statements that he had made.” Those statements have been called into question by records and statements other people provided, Talley says. “The less charitable way to put it is that he just made stuff up. That would have been very uncomfortable for Musk and his legal team, and that’s definitely a motivation” to settle.

After being totally serious about buying Twitter, then being absolutely opposed to following through with the agreement he pushed Twitter to sign, now Elon is willing to pay the full original price for Twitter to avoid going to trial.

This whole thing has been a clown show.