I Can’t be Bothered to Learn a Skill 🤨

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Tammy Rogers: This AI iPhone Game Is Interesting, but Does Nothing to Assuage My AI Fears

The trouble is that whenever I see AI, it's from a person who has always wanted to be able to create things but can’t be bothered to learn how. AI is seen as a way, in their eyes, to create something without having to learn a skill.

I would respectfully say this a wildly incorrect statement about what people are doing with these tools. I already knew how to code, and I used ChatGPT to get better and learned how to use tools in new ways.

Honestly, why not say the same thing about calculators only being used by people who refuse to learn math? Or autocorrect and spell check are only used by those who can’t be bothered to type accurately or learn how to write?

If you’re going to come after the character of everyone who uses something, you gotta come with a more compelling argument. I continue to think we’re in a new “satanic panic” with generation tools.