I Want to Root for the Surface Go

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: Third time isn't quite the charm - Engadget

But the full truth of the Surface Go 3 is a little more complicated. You need to shell out at least another $100 for a keyboard. And, seeing as Windows still doesn’t offer a great tablet experience you need the keyboard. Not to mention the basic $400 Surface Go 3 is underpowered – so by the time you’re buying a keyboard and bumping up the processor, storage and RAM, you’re spending as much money as you might on a full-fledged laptop with a larger display and more powerful internals.

I reviewed the original Surface Go 3 years ago, and I said this in my conclusion:

The Microsoft Surface Go is a product rife with contradictions. On the one hand it's a delightfully portable PC with high end hardware, excellent accessories, and the flexibility to work in many situations. On the other hand, it is slow as a dog, runs an operating system not optimized for the hardware, and costs more than it should. For a device intrinsically linked to the "no compromises" moniker, it sure feels like there are a lot of compromises here.

It seems this product is in about the same place today, which is sad. This is effectively the iPad Mini of the Surface lineup, and while people are in love with the tiny iPad, the Go seems to have its fans, but the praise is not nearly as universal.