Improve Your Pitch, Don't Just Tell People They Don't Get It

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Yesterday I tweeted out a remix of a video Elon Musk tweeted out. The original was a video of Jason Calacanis reacting to a clip of Bill Gates explaining the internet to Davin Letterman, and Letterman was skeptical, to say the least. We can now look back on this clip with the benefit of hindsight and show why it's silly, but then we get to the whole point of the video and the reaction: this is how people all in on "web3" feel today - they know the future, and everyone else just lacks imagination and will eventually come around.

Here's the thing, and it's why I made my video: you can't just point to clips like that and say the current hot thing in tech is in the same situation as the early internet. Today it's crypto (specifically enthusiast's current vision of crypto-everything), but a couple of months ago you had people investing billions into Clubhouse and that live audio was the future. Back up a few years and it was Google Glass, or chatbots, or bittorrent.

My point here is simply that arguing that some people "get it" and others don't isn't a compelling way to convince people of your point of view. You need to sell the thing, not that you are smarter than everyone who doesn't drink to Kool-Aid yet.