Introducing App Bottle Rocket

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

App Bottle Rocket is a new website built to make searching the iOS App Store easier, faster, and more readily available. I originally made the site as a tool I could use personally when writing about different apps for this blog. I was frustrated by having to use iTunes on my Mac or the App Store itself on my phone or tablet to find links to and release notes for new apps. I have long been jealous of the Google Play Store's web interface, and I wanted to bring a version of that to the Apple world.

I use the site every day for my writing, so that's what it's built for. Apple bloggers will love it's clean interface and lightning-quick search. It also makes it really easy to copy a link to the app on the App Store, as well as a link to the developer's website for more information (contact info, promo page, press kit, etc.)

As for monetization (no site is truly free), I'm automatically adding my affiliate ID to the App Store links on the page. All this means is that I'll make a couple cents off every app that you buy via one of those links. If you're a writer and want to add your own token, tools like Blink on iOS and Affiliate on the Mac will nicely remove my token and replace it with yours.

But that's it, there's no premium features or advertisements of any sort. I just wanted something out there that was great, not that would make you want to turn on an ad blocker.

Bookmark App Bottle Rocket now and I hope you love it! I always want to hear your feedback, so let me know on Twitter.