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Introducing Quick Reviews, a Website for Making Beautiful Micro-Reviews for Books, Movies, or Whatever

Introducing Quick Reviews, a Website for Making Beautiful Micro-Reviews for Books, Movies, or Whatever

Check it out here!

What is This?

Every few weeks I post something like this on Twitter:

They're quick little reviews of books and by far, the number one question I get is: "what app do you use to make these?" For the past year, I've had to reply that it's actually a Sketch document that I manually update for each review. I even shared it back in August if you want it.

But most people don't have Sketch, so this wasn't a great solution for most people, and nothing else out there seemed to make this sort of thing easy for regular people.

So I decided to make a website for it.

Quick Reviews is a very basic website that replicates the look of my reviews but does it entirely in HTML, CSS, and a hit of JavaScript. This is aggressively simple, and it's far from a premium site at this point, but I wanted to get something out there and see if people are interested.

How Does it Work?

There's a 3-minute video walking through everything below, but the gist is that you have something you want to review and you go to this site:

  1. Enter the name, some metadata, and a short review.
  2. Give it a score (from my pre-determined options).
  3. Give it a URL for the image of the thing you're reviewing.
  4. Take a screenshot of the box.
  5. Share the screenshot wherever you want.

What's Next?

Well, that kind of depends on what you think of it. I released this version as a classic minimally-viable product. This site absolutely does what people have been asking for, but it's a bit jank right now. If people find it useful and start using it, a few things I'd like to do include:

  • Export as an image file (no screenshots)
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Let you upload your own image
  • Multiple themes
  • Customizable review categories

And much more, but those will take me much longer to do than getting this out into the world, so if you all like it, I'll work to make it better!

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