Even Android Fans Wish They Had the iPhone's Camera

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Phone Arena ran a blind test comparing the iPhone 6 Plus camera with the shooter on the Nexus 6 and their results were surprising. The Nexus 6 was selected as having the better photos in 77% of the comparisons. This is pretty drastic when most reviewers bemoaned the average camera of the Nesux 6 while even professional photographers adored the latest iPhone.

There's a lot to how good a camera is besides what people will see in a blind test. The reddit comments thread for this article is long and full of Android/Nexus zealots (I mean that is the best way) making fun of their test. Here are some quotes from the most highly voted comments:


This test doesn't account for how much quicker the iPhone camera is. Even the old 4S has essentially zero shutter lag and great autofocus.


My iPhone 6 camera is about 100 times more pleasurable to use. About 3 out of 4 times I have to retake a shot with my nexus 6 because its tremendously slow. Shots wind up looking better 9 times out of ten.


This is my story but with a Droid Turbo. Turbo takes great shots of things that aren't moving. If I'm taking pictures of my 11 month old I use the iPhone 6 because it doesn't end up blurry as fuck.


one is better than the other in different light conditions, this does not mean that the N6's is better overall unfortunately


Resolution on the Nexus6 is clearly the winner, but I would say that the lighting almost always looks more natural on the Iphone6.


Some day Google will make a good camera app. Some day...


I actually like the iPhone shots more. I like the warmer tone in most pictures


Right, I'm not giving phonearena credibility any more.

Auto focus, low light quality, moving subjects, better apps, and many other topics come up in the 500+ comments currently on the thread. We all have our personal preferences on which mobile operating system is best, but there seems to be a general consensus about what smartphone has the best camera.