Is Web3 Bullshit? Depends on the Question.

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Max Read in his Read Max newsletter:

You find a lot of writers right now asking, essentially, why bet against Andreessen Horowitz? Which I understand! But my feeling is also: Why do I have to bet at all?! Why am I in this awful, ugly, unfun casino in the first place?? Is there a way out of the casino?? And if not, can I at least just get slowly tanked on free booze and annoy people with a reminder that the house always wins?

Max includes a bunch of good links in his post that you should check out, but his closer, which I've quoted above, really resonates with me. I see a lot of people going "this is how everyone gets theirs!" and all I can think is, "just like everything, this is where some people get theirs and most people get the scraps, nothing here is different." Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm yet to be convinced.