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It’s More Than Just Elon Who Gets Artificially Boosted Into Your Timeline

It’s More Than Just Elon Who Gets Artificially Boosted Into Your Timeline

Zoë Schiffer: The Secret List of Twitter VIPs Getting Boosted Over Everyone Else

But Twitter does have a different standard for celebrities – including Musk himself. For months, the platform has maintained a list of around 35 VIP users whose accounts it monitors and offers increased visibility alongside Elon Musk, according to documents obtained by Platformer. The list, which spans the political gamut and also includes several journalists and celebrities, includes:

The list includes celebrities and politicians from both sides of the aisle. I don’t have a particular problem with this list of “VIPs” existing in Twitter’s code, but I do think it’s very funny this (and presumably more things that haven’t been leaked) exist on Elon’s platform that was supposed to bring power to the people.

Oh, and hope you’ve got money to spend on a Twitter membership fee starting in a few weeks, otherwise you won’t be recommended to people on the default “for you” page. Freedom of reach, but only if you can pay.

Again, I don’t think any of this is scandalous. What I do think is if this story was exactly the same in every single way, but it happened before Elon took over, Elon stans would be blue in the face over how anti-democratic, anti-free speech, and anti-freedom of reach this was.

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