Learn Ulysses is a great way to get up to speed with the best writing app out there

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Shawn Blanc’s The Sweet Setup has long held a soft spot in my heart, and I think the provide a great service in helping people find the best software for just about anything they’re trying to do on their iOS and macOS devices. That’s why I was excited to see they were doing a series on Ulysses, the app that I have emphatically stated is my favorite app on every platform on which it exists.

Learn Ulysses is a 7 part written and video series created by Shawn and Mike Schmitz that walks you though the generals concept of Ulysses through its most advanced features. Even as someone who uses Ulysses every day, I was still able to get some value from the series from the sections on backup, restore, and version control as well as on find & replace functionality.

The writing is economical so you never feel like you’re asking the author to “get on with it already!” And the videos are exactly the sort of thing I think I would be making if I had more time to create video content for the web. This is great work, and it may help you better understand this great app.

You can purchase access to the course using this link and download Ulysses straight from the App Store with a free 14 day trial.

Note that both links above are affiliate links, so if you decide to buy the Learn Ulysses series or the app itself, it would help me out if you did so from one of those links. Thanks!