Losing Our Minds Over a Little Camera Bump

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 2 min read

As people are want to do, they freaked out about the camera bump on the back of the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro that Apple unveiled this week. "This is ridiculous!" "Jonny Ive has clearly lost his way." "Steve never would have let this happen!" "They should have given it a worse camera and removed the bump." The complaints are all over the place, and you may have lobbed a few of them yourself.

But here's the deal, our phones (and tablets) are too damn skinny for the cameras we demand be in them. Very smart people are working on getting cameras even smaller so they can be contained by our paper thin gadgets, but they're not there yet. Just a couple high profile phones have been released very recently that have the dreaded camera bump and reaction has been pretty damn muted.

But now look at this monstrosity!

Yeah, we'd all like it if the bump could go away, but relax, there are much more pressing things Apple should take care of first before figuring out how to banishing the bump. That 16GB entry level model or general sturdiness/waterproofing, perhaps?