Madden NFL 21 is Shockingly Broken

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Madden NFL 21 is Shockingly Broken

Complaining about Madden being broken in an assortment of ways is nothing new, and I'm actually generally annoyed by the apparent cottag industry of people complaining about the littlest things every year, but Madden NFL 21 is a dumpster fire. Let me tell you the ways it's been broken for me (all of these have happened after a few patches).

  1. I'm playing as the Packers, and in my second season my halfback is named David Montgomery. Without fail, the commentators call him Ty Montgomery, a Packers halfback from a few years ago.
  2. You can select the "play as a player" in the franchise setup screen, but there is no way to actually do that anymore. Now you play as the head coach no matter what.
  3. I got a two minute warning with 1 second left in the 3rd quarter.
  4. After each game, the players run into the locker room, and the players' hair is literally the length of the stadium as they jog across the field.
  5. I was playing the CPU, they were down by 1, were a few yards from scoring a touchdown, had all their timeouts, and instead of calling a timeout in the final seconds, they just let the clock run out so they lost.
  6. On several occasions I've thrown to a receiver who not only dropped the pass, but got stuck in their running animation and ran off the field and into the stands. Presumably they are still running today.
  7. All of my franchise saves have a date on them, presumably when I last played them. I don't know what they are supposed to say because they all say 1/1/0000 as the date.
  8. And finally, I'm on game6 of season 2 of my franchise, and the game crashes after this game every time, so I can't progress any further and need to restart.