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Magic Keyboard for iPad Angles

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
Magic Keyboard for iPad Angles

I just got my Magic Keyboard in the mail, and first impressions are pretty good. Before I spill more words on yet another review of this thing, I'll share the thing that stood out to me first: the angles.

The above photo overlays the 12.9" iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard Folio angles highlighted in red and the new Magic Keyboard's furthest back angle in green.

The Smart Keyboard Folio has 2 angles, both of which I use pretty regularly. The new Magic Keyboard has "infinite angles" and the furthest back angle is just about even with the Folio's further back angle.

An eariler version of this article indicated that the screen went less far back than the Folio, but that was not accurate. After pushing the screen back harder than I felt comfortable doing, the lid "popped' back a little more, bringing it to where you see it now. I have no idea if it had a weird manufacturing quirk or if this is how every one is, but it's definitely better now.