My Modest Request for a 20+ Inch iPad

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 2 min read

I am doing more work from my iPad than ever before in 2016, and I think my workflows are actually better after having move them to iOS. Hell. I'm writing an entire series on the workflows I'm switched over and how they're working for me.

But I still find myself sitting down at my Mac everyday to do things that I could just as easily do from my iPad. The simple reason for this is that I have a Mac mini running on a 23 inch monitor, and that screen space is just more pleasant to use than my 10 inch iPad Air 2. So even though I prefer to do most things in iOS, I sit in front of a Mac exclusively because of the size of the screen.

It's a weird feeling, but I think it's a natural extension of my feeling towards phones and TVs as well. Basically, if I'm going to use a be doing something on a screen, I want to use the biggest screen available to me. And I don't think I'm alone, many of the reviews of the iPad Pro from last year said, "yes, it's mostly just a bigger iPad, but that's awesome!"

I'm eyeing the iPad Pro right now as a potential 2016 purchase for myself, and if all I get is a bigger screen, it will be an excellent upgrade for me. And if I'm being totally honest, if Apple started selling a 20+ inch iPad, I'd be seriously looking at that as a potential next desktop computer1 for myself.

HP has actually beaten Apple to the punch with their HP Slate 21, which is a 21 inch Android tablet, and it sucked, but that's really just because Android on a tablet sucks. It also didn't help that actual press shots like this make it look fucking ridiculous:

  1. Although Apple would almost certainly have to make some significant design changes to the launcher and how side-by-side apps work for it to make any sense on a 20+ inch screen.