More Evidence that the New Zelda Will Not be a Wii U Game

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Nintendo announced their earnings (PDF) this week and they included a game release roadmap for what’s coming soon from the company. They had games kill Star Fox that is coming out this fall and the new Mario and Sonic at the Olympics game coming out in 2016. Notably missing a release window was the new Legend of Zelda game.

The latest entry in the Zelda series was originally slated for release this year. We were supposed to be playing as Link sometime this holiday season, but Nintendo delayed the game. I suspected this meant that the game was coming in 2016 and might be coming for Nintendo’s next console instead of the Wii U. If Nintendo isn’t even committed to releasing the game in 2016, I think it’s even more likely that the game will be for the NX and not the Wii U.