By Matt Birchler
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More People Are Wearing Masks

More People Are Wearing Masks

Axios out with a new poll on how many Americans are wearing masks:

62% of those surveyed said they’re wearing a mask “all the time” when they leave the house — up from 53% when we asked the same question two weeks ago.
The biggest jump was among Republicans: 45% say they’re wearing a mask all the time, up from 35% at the end of June.
Even though it’s narrowing, there’s still a big partisan divide: 95% of Democrats say they wear a mask some or all of the time outside the house, compared with 74% of Republicans.

Despite my bullishness on social disancing and wearking masks when you are in public, I actually don't fall into the 62% of people who wear a mask "all the time" I'm outside the house. Your proximity to other people changes the math on this, of course, and if I lived in a big city then I'm sure I'd be in that group. But I live in the suburbs and I take a few walks everyday without a mask. I religiously stay at least 6 feet from other people, and typically leave at least 20 feet between us. It's simple, frankly, as I just need to dart into the street for a moment or cross the street to avoid other people.

Whenever I go to a store or a drive through or something else where I'll be closer to other people, I wear a mask 100% of the time because I'm not an asshole and I realize it not only makes me safer, but it makes other people who may not be in as good health or demographic to be okay if they get sick.

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