1Password, KeePass, and Humanity

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Josh Centers: Moving from 1Password to KeePass

If all this sounds like I left a smooth and perfectly functional app for a hodgepodge of cobbled-together solutions, it’s because I did. But now that I’ve hashed out the kinks, it works pretty well. I’ve created and changed several passwords on both my Mac and iPhone since switching from 1Password, and I have experienced no data corruption or loss. The upside of doing all of this is that I now have total control over my password database.

I love the self-awareness of this article. It explained his opinions on password management, was a good guide for how you can replicate his setup, and very clearly understood that this solution won't be for everyone.

Fuck that's good writing.

Anyway, I use 1Password and I'm largely happy with the current betas, but I can totally see why someone with Josh's priorities around passwords would go with something else.