My baseless predictions for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Portal

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Sony’s upcoming handheld is a device that will exclusively stream games running your PS5. I think it could be good if it works well, but I’m not convinced. Despite that, I have two predictions I wanted to get on paper now, just in case they come true.

  1. The Portal doesn’t support Bluetooth headphones, it only supports Sony’s own brand new headphones, which use a wireless technology they’re calling PlayStation Link. This is supposed to enable super-low latency (something normal Bluetooth headphones suck at for gaming) audio and much higher bandwidth for higher quality audio streams. My bet is that if there is a PS5 Pro/Slim in the wings, that new model will have PlayStation Link built in, allowing for a much better and more reliable experience than the WiFi experience we have now.
  2. One big miss is that despite this being a device for streaming games and Sony themselves having a ton of cloud game streaming options for both old and new games, none of those cloud streaming options will work on the Portal. Don’t buy one expecting this, but I would predict this will be added down the line as well. No reason to predict this other than the fact it’s crazy this isn’t there right now, and I hope it was just a matter of having it ready for the holiday launch window.

Again, just some guesses, but if they pan out, I will be collecting my props 😉