My Home Screen: October 2014

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

So this has accidentally turned into "showing off my stuff week," but I'm going to go with it. Instead of discussing everything here, I'm going to compare it to what I had one month ago.

What's Stayed the Same?

A lot, actually. My dock is the same (although my texting app has changed) and all 8 apps I currently have on there were there a month ago. The theme of this month has been reduction. I removed the clock app since I use it exactly once each day and honestly it's fine to sit 2 taps away instead of 1. Evernote and I have a complicated relationship, and it had to go as well.

Quantus Tasks has gained notifications since last month and that improvement has made it a much better imitation of the real thing. OmniFocus is still my task manager of choice, and has been for many months now.

Journey had gotten better as well and is a delightful journalist app. It's gotten to a place where I can almost say it's better than Day One for iOS.

Google Play Music has become my primary music listening app, overtaking Spotify. My reason is that it's the best way to mix a subscription all-you-can-eat service with cloud sync of my personal mp3 collection. I have to give Google credit for really nailing something no one else has been able to get. Even when I make my inevitable move back to iOS, I can't see any reason to switch to something like iTunes Match.

We'll see what next month holds, but I feel like I've gotten to a comfortable spot and don't see much changing.