My Late 2015 Reminder that Real Cameras are Still Better

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I love the iPhone and one of my favorite features of is the camera. Year after year, Apple ups their game with incredible cameras, and tech reviewers gush over how great the cameras are on smartphones these days. This is great since 90%+ of most people's photos come from their phone. However, I take umbridge with people who say that getting a traditional camera is a waste now that smartphones have gotten so good.

Low light is one thing where smart phones still fall behind. This is a quick emample of how my iPhone stacks up to my "real camera" in a low-light situation (my desk, early morning). I did edit each one a bit in Lightroom to get a more striking look, but I edit all my photos at least a bit, I think that's fair.

The iPhone is pretty good, but man I love having the option to get something better.

iPhone 6 Plus (edited in Lightroom) iPhone 6 Plus (edited in Lightroom)

Nikon One J4 (edited in Lightroom) Nikon One J4 (edited in Lightroom)