No One Will Ever Need More Than 16GB of Storage

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

You know how we always hear those quotes from people saying "who would ever need more than ___ of XYZ?" and just laugh? Did somebody at Apple say that once and it's treated as fact? 9to5Mac has some rumors on the new iPhone 7 Plus.

What’s notable, though, is that the images show 16GB, 64GB, and 256GB chips, perhaps implying that the 128GB model will be replaced all together with the new 256GB model. Judging by this leak, however, the 16GB model is here to stay.

Please tell me how it makes sense that the iPhone 4 from 2010 that cost $650 at retail has the same amount of storage as an iPhone 6s Plus that costs $750 in 2016? I like Apple a lot, I really do, but mother of god what the fuck is going on with their storage options?

So help me if I hear another Apple apologist talk about how everything is a trade off with making a phone and that Apple is battling physics when designing these phones. And don't tell me it's because emerging markets and some users don't need more storage. Yes they do, even the sub-$200 phones are shipping with 16GB of storage these days (often with the option to expand via microSD too). Apple, you're selling a premium product, don't treat a $750 phone like it's a budget phone.