NSShadowcat on My Favorite Product, the Apple Watch (sponsor)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

How a Rolex snob learned to love the Apple Watch:

The Watch isn’t — and never will be — the ‘next iPhone’; neither, perhaps, will the (presumed) Car. From what I’ve read, the brilliance of Watch has stood out clearer to people who’ve previously been involved in the watch industry than technology folk at large

My thanks once again to NSShadowcat for sponsoring BirchTree this month! NSShadowcat is written by Mayur Dhaka, who links to great content around the web, and ventures into really interesting original content. I've been reading the site for months and I really enjoy Mayur's take on the tech news of the day.

Check out his other pieces on Apple's WWDC16 announcements as well as his thoughts on Apple getting into the Indian market. Once you're done, you should probably just subscribe to get (nearly) daily content or follow Mayur on Twitter.