Offloading Your Brain is the Most Powerful Thing

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

How I Offloaded My Anxiety To Trello - Accidentally in Code

Both boards combine to address the nagging sense that I’m behind or not doing enough, and allow me to capture what goes into keeping my life moving along and the things make me happy. The things I “should” do no longer run in a loop in my head; they are captured in Trello, and it’s a vastly better way to live.

The number one best thing I've done for my own productivity has been figuring out how to "offload my brain" into some sort of system. Cate mentions the anxiety of keeping all the things she needs to do (and has failed to do) in her head at all times. I completely sympathize with this and I can not fully convey how impactful it has been for me to do this.

I settled on Things for the little stuff, and then Notion for the more project management-y things in my life. While they won't be the solutions for everyone, I can say with certainty that being able to offload all my planning and reminders into these systems has helped immensely. I've gotten better at it and on a good day I don't have to think about what to do, I already know what is on my plate and I can just do it.