By Matt Birchler
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OneDrive Now Syncs Your Desktop and Documents Folders

OneDrive just rolled out a feature called "Known Folder Move" which might be the worst possible name for the best possible service. This feature has OneDrive backup 3 of your most important folders: Desktop, Documents, and Pictures.

If that sounds familiar, it is of course exactly in line with what Apple added to iCloud Drive a couple years ago, and while Apple did indeed have this first, I think it's fantastic that Windows users have access to something like this as well.

The Desktop especially, is where a lot of stuff ends up living for a bunch of users, and being able to have all of that backed up and synced across devices is a big deal. There are a few restrictions on what OneDrive will back up, but it's not the end of the world.

I do have to go back to that feature name, though: Known Folder Move. What the hell is that? 😂

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