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The Appeal of the Surface Lineup

Microsoft Surface Pro Review: This One Actually Goes

From Go to Pro: A Whole New World

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Conclusion

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Maximum Flexibility

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Performance, Where Art Thou?

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Surface Type Cover and Pen

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Hardware

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Hardware

Microsoft Surface Go Review: Introduction

The Case for the Kickstand

Windows on Chromebooks will Burn Microsoft?

Surface Go and iPad (2017 model) Speed Test

OneDrive Now Syncs Your Desktop and Documents Folders

Oh, Hello

Things This Apple Fan Loves About the Microsoft Surface Go

Understanding the Surface Pen as an Apple Pencil Fan

Microsoft Surface Go Design Details

Surface is a Go! (podcast #115)

Surface Go: Touch UI and the Type Cover

Microsoft’s Surface Go: iPad Killer?

The future of Microsoft Office for Mac is just fine

Your local OS, not just online services, still matter in 2017

Reflections on Microsoft's Build 2017 Conference

Totally Misunderstanding the iPad

Microsoft Word Does Not Support Custom Fonts. Wait, Really?

A Touch OS is About More than Just Bigger Touch Targets

The PC is Complete

Pricing out the Surface Studio vs the 5K iMac

I Don't Want a Microsoft Surface Studio, I Want a 28 Inch iPad Pro

Abandoning Old Biases (or How I Kind of Like Microsoft Now)

Microsoft has Yet Another Messaging Disaster

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