Quickly grading my WWDC17 predictions or: 2.5/10 is good, right?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

I’m going to keep this brief because this year was kind of a shitshow for me. While I am ultimately happy with what Apple shoed, it was not what I was expecting form them. Overall, my count is 2.5/10, which is not great!

iPad is the star of the show

Yup! iPad got the most stage time and it dominated the iOS features. This is a substantial update like we’ve never seen before for the iPad. Great things are coming.

Adobe is on stage to show Photoshop or Lightroom on the iPad with Pencil support

I gave myself half a point for this one because Adobe was not on stage at all in the keynote, but they were at the Platforms State of the Union a few hours later. They showed an amazing demo of moving data between apps using the new iOS 11 drag and drop interface.

Apple releases one of their “pro” apps for the iPad

Nope, totally wrong on this one. Not only did Apple not release a new pro app for iPad, they didn’t release any new apps at all for it.

Siri is totally revamped

Again, nope. I predicted this would be the Siri show, but it wasn’t by any means. Siri does basically the same things she did before, which is pretty disappointing. On the plus side, you can type into Siri an edit your commands if she mishears you. I’m not counting that as a total revamp though.

Siri will work the same on all your devices

Again, nope. Apps need to be installed on each device, and you need to make sure they are enabled in Siri. Lame.

watchOS 4 gets more dynamic watch faces

Yes! Now there is only 1 dynamic watch face (the Siri one), but it’s totally what I was hoping for. More to come on this, but it’s my new favorite watch face.

watchOS 4 gets always on watch faces

Ugh, maybe next year…

Most watchOS 4 features will not come to the original Apple Watch

Again, nope, but I almost want to give myself a fraction of a point because the Toy Story watch faces are not on the original watch. But no, no point for me.

iOS 11 will have AR features built into a redesigned Camera app

Apple did show off some AR features in ARKit, and they opened up the depth sensor data to third party devs, but there’s nothing new in the Camera app.

macOS Redwood

High…Sierra… I can’t take the point here, but I think my name is better.