Reddit, the Place Where Nobody Wins

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Reddit has a problem. It’s a well-documented problem, which, oddly, is a big part of the problem. Every six months or so, from the depths of the sprawling site’s underbelly, a network of disparate communities which seem to feed off of bigotry and perversion rise into the greater public’s consciousness. For many people, this is their only exposure to Reddit.
- via BuzzFeed

I used to visit Reddit daily up until very recently. I found some fun links and GIFs there, but the people who are active on the site turned it into a place that I never want to go to again. I don’t mean to say that everyone who uses Reddit is a bad person, but it feels like too much of the comments I see on the very popular subreddits is stuff that simply makes my internet browsing a dreadful experience.

The linked article dives deep into what makes Reddit such an unsavory place for many people and is definitely worth your time.