Remember Facebook Mail? I don’t either

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

From 2010: Jesus Diaz: Why You'll Give Up Gmail for Facebook Mail

According to Techcrunch's sources, a full webmail client integrated with The One and Only Social Network will debut next Monday. This is why it may become your favorite webmail service.


If I were Google, Yahoo or Hotmail, I'd be very nervous. Facebook Mail could be a killer not only because of its potential instant size, but because of its natural advantage at making mail more useful.

I have absolutely zero memory of this product, and some quick Googling makes it seem like it never actually shipped.

This does make we wonder about how something like this would go down today. I don’t think there’s a great reason for Meta to get into email, but if they did, could they make something successful? My gut says no. Threads has done quite well (#3 free app on the US App Store as I write this), but I think that’s a special case that doesn’t apply at all to email (how many people are gnashing teeth over how much worse Gmail has gotten since the richest megalomaniac in the world took it over?).