Is Remember the Milk 4.0 the Task Manager I've Always Dreamed Of?

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 2 min read

You know how your weather app is about 80% of what you want, but you can't find a single app that does everything? Or how about that email app that needs to have 4 key features to be perfect but you can only find a few that have 2 or 3 of those features? That's how I am with task managers. Every app I have tried has a big old BUT attached to it.

2Do has a wonderful interface and tons of power BUT it has sync issues.

Things is easy to use and have a clever interface BUT it doesn't have due times, just due dates.

Todoist is multi platform and hooks into IFTTT BUT I just don't like its interface.

Even OmniFocus, the app I always go back to has a but. OmniFocus has a brilliant interface and rock solid sync BUT it's only on Apple devices.

And then there's Remember the Milk, an app that has been around since 2008. Remember the Milk has always put me off with its interface which its fans would call "utilitarian." The last major release of the app was in 2012, back when the iPhone 4S was the latest and greatest iPhone out there. I had never really played much with the app and I essentially forget it existed until someone directed me to this post showing off Remember the Milk 4, which had just been released.

Holy shit! Seriously, take 5 minutes and go check out the new features in RTM 4.0.

I count about 50 new features on that page alone and there's actually more little things hidden in there. The app has certainly gotten a facelift since its last iteration, as the team has been heavily inspired by Google's Material design language. It's a little jarring to see the floating "+" icon on an iPhone, but it still looks good.

Notifications also took me by surprise. I'm used to being able to set a push notification to trigger at a certain time, but RTM takes things to another level with no less than 6 notification styles. Check it out:

There are plenty of small features that get me excited1, but the thing that really got me interested is the multi platform nature of the app (service?). At launch, they had versions out for iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Amazon Fire tablets, the web, and even Blackberry 102. This is about as multi-platform an app I've ever seen, and that might mean I'll finally have a GTD solution that I can run on my Mac/iPad at home, my iPhone in my pocket, and my Windows PC at work.

Now, if history has told me anything, I'll find some deal-breaker in here that will send me running me back to OmniFocus crying "why did I ever leave you?!?!?!", but for now I'm going to live with hope and choose to think that I've finally found the one.

  1. Natural language task input, an open API, powerful recurring, search, and more. 
  2. As well as Windows and Linux versions coming soon.