Remember Today

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Vote today, remember tomorrow.

The US presidential election is less than a month away, and I certainly hope that we will be swearing in a new president in January. And while I hope that is the case, I know that if that happens, a loud minority in this country is going to paint an apocalyptic view of this nation, and pin the blame for it on the new guy. So when they do, remember how you feel today.

Remember the harsh division that's exacerbated tremendously. Remember whether we had a leader who tried to bring us together or fan the flames of hate.

Remember the protesting in the streets from people who have had enough of injustice from this leadership and those who support this leadership.

Remember how exhausting it is to keep up with the news. Remember when days didn't feel like weeks and weeks didn't feel like years.

Remember how the most ardent supporters of current leadership tell you, without blinking an eye, to not take the president’s words literally. Remember that if it's something truly unstable, they will also tell you not to take him seriously.

Remember how the same president repeatedly refuses to reject the support of racist groups and individuals. Remember how when he tries to, he does it so weakly that those groups see it as a clear vote of support from their leader.

Remember that no matter what sort of response you wish we had with this pandemic, that it has been an unmitigated disaster and the fault for that goes right to the top. And remember that not all nations are suffering like this, our suffering is uniquely American.

Remember all of the people who are out of work and are struggling while that same government refuses to provide any additional assistance until after the election as motivation to vote for their guy.

Remember all of this because if we do have a change in leadership in 2021, and god knows I hope we do, the 35-40% of this country and its media operation is going to suggest 2017-2020 was a wonderful time and things just got bad when the new guy took over.

Vote now, and remember later.