Restaurants, QR Codes, Splitting the Check, and a Peek Into My Day Job

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

All Of A Sudden, Qr Codes Are Everywhere

For restaurants, the codes can help solve the labor crunch brought on by the pandemic by requiring less waitstaff. They also offer an opportunity to engage more deeply with guests.
“This is the first time that restaurant POS [systems] have really had access to the patron of the restaurant,” said Jennifer Sherman, VP of product for NMI, a payment technology company. “I think that’s gonna open up an interesting new world of user experience, of diner experience.”
That could mean built-in customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty programs or the option to easily split the check, Sherman said.

Jennifer Sherman is my boss and the stuff we're working on for restaurants is some really exciting stuff. Can't wait to share it when it's out!