Should Apple Delay the iPhone 12 for a 120Hz Screen?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

iPhone 12 Pro Likely to Ship With 60Hz Display, But Launch Delay to Add 120Hz Possible - MacRumors

Apple may delay the iPhone 12 Pro launch due to supply chain issues with the 120Hz display, or face cancelling the feature entirely, according to display analyst Ross Young and leaker Jon Prosser.

I love high refresh screens. The 120Hz screen in the last few iPad Pros have been amazing, and the 90Hz screen in my Pixel 4 genuinely makes my iPhone feel perpetually laggy to me when I spend any serious time with it.


iPhones are already rumored to be delayed this year, and they're almost certainly getting 5G as a flagship new feature, which I think has way more draw to the average consumer than high refresh screens. Hell, even though Samsung advertises their high refresh screen, the S20 devices ship with 60Hz enabled and the use must go into their settings to enable the 120Hz mode, so I don't think it's absolutely essential in 2020.

5G will be on by default, and lots more people will be able to use that right away and see immediate benefits from their last phone. Also, no matter how good the SOC is in the iPhone 12, 5G will suck more battery than LTE, so maybe it's not ideal to add 5G and 120Hz all in the same yearand risk worse battery life than people expect.

Finally, it's August 24. There is no way Apple is currently debating what to do here, they've made their choice, and they likely made it months ago.