Should you install the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone or iPad?

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read


You might be tempted to install the iOS 11 beta on your iPhone or iPad, but trust me when I tell you it’s not worth the risks or headaches yet. We’re not even to the public beta yet, this is a developer beta for developers to use on their development devices for testing. It's intended to be an environment for them to make sure their apps work as they expect them. It's not meant to be a playground where you can play with new features early.

I can tell you right up front that performance is not good on this first developer beta. I'm running an iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Air 2 and the speed of everything is down considerably. The iPhone is better than the iPad, but neither feel like the high end electronics they really are. I've also had some apps crash, although nothing seems to be totally broken.

It's always exciting when a new iOS beta comes out, and it's natural to want to join in the fun, but be aware that your phone or tablet will not be as reliable as you demand of it. Install it on an old device if you have one lying around, and don't come crying to me if something bad happens when you put it on your main device. I tried to warn you 🙂.``