Showing COVID-19 Deaths Compared to Influenza and Pneumonia

Posted by Matt Birchler
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The chart illustrates the death rate in the US compared to previous years very well, but its impact on some folks is inevitably going to fall flat.

Showing COVID-19 Deaths Compared to Influenza and Pneumonia

This chart from /r/dataisbeautiful does a good job of showing how weekly death rates in the US have varied this year compared to previous years. And while this is a scary, and compelling graph based on real data, user OldschoolAce82 brings up the all-important point that this graph isn't likely to change many minds.

The problem with all of this is that its not a good faith discussion. When I have this talk with people and I bring up the deaths or the number of people that have contracted it. The general response is "those numbers are fake its not that many people, they are saying everyone died of Covid, there is someone that got a letter saying they died of Covid months before Covid was a thing". Thats always their response. So now you're fighting the battle on two fronts. You're showing how its deadlier than the flu while also trying to prove to them the numbers are accurate and you just can't win that debate because no matter what website you throw at them, no matter what numbers you give them, you're living in a faccist state where you're happily controlled by your government because you're a sheep.