That "Let's Pause AI" Letter is a Mess

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Chloe Xiang: The Open Letter to Stop 'Dangerous' AI Race Is a Huge Mess

“It's essentially misdirection: bringing everyone's attention to hypothetical powers and harms of LLMs and proposing a (very vague and ineffective) way of addressing them, instead of looking at the harms here and now and addressing those—for instance, requiring more transparency when it comes to the training data and capabilities of LLMs, or legislation regarding where and when they can be used,” Sasha Luccioni, a Research Scientist and Climate Lead at Hugging Face, told Motherboard.

I never linked to that "let's pause AI development for 6 months" letter because I thought it was kinda dumb. This article is a good breakdown of why that is.