The Birchtree Newsletter, January 2023

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Happy new year! I'm sending this one out a bit early just for fun. Enjoy your new year's and here's to an excellent 2023 🎉

My Stuff

The Web is Eating My Mac Alive
Jason Snell: My social media is in an Mac app, or it’s nowhere Likewise, my use of private social apps like Slack and Discord is magnified by their availability on my Mac as discrete apps rather than bookmarks in Safari. I can launch them or quit them or hide
Social Media Companies are Economically Motivated to Make Us Hate Strangers
Sarah Frier: Why Your Friends Are Disappearing From Your Social Feeds When I accidentally tap on any one of the alerts, I enter apps desperate to guide me to content from people I don’t know — posts that I might be momentarily mesmerized by and never remember, touting gardening hacks

Good Stuff

Good Videos

The best top 10 games list out there
I love hearing artists explain their process
Murderville is a fun Netflix show, and Kumail's 10 seconds here are perfect

See you next month!