The $399 iPhone is More Powerful than Today’s $1,000+ Android Flagships…and Likely Next Year’s Too

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Comment thread on the new iPhone SE at Hacker News

163 Comment right now, ~800 Are about Size of Devices. I thought there was another important point.
The current entry level iPhone; iPhone SE 2020 with A13 is now faster in Single Threaded performance than ALL current shipping Android, including Flagship Android. And judging by the Qualcomm roadmap, this will likely remain the same in 2021 as well.

As the commenter points out, the $399 iPhone SE is more powerful than every flagship Android phone released last year, this year, and likely next year too. Yes, the $399 iPhone will be more powerful than the entire Android ecosystem into at least early 2022.

Think about that…

Android has a lot of things going for it that people enjoy, but one of the things it’s long held onto is that you could generally save money by buying an Android phone. But in the past year, the $699 flagship iPhone 11 undercut Samsung’s and Google’s flagships, and now they have dropped a phone that costs the same as the upcoming Pixel 4a and is going to smoke it in so many ways.

I’m not saying specs are all that matter, and I’m not going to go down the spec sheet and compare it to Android phones, but as of today, $399 gets you a top-of-the line iPhone processor which will beat out all Android phones for likely 2 more years, a killer camera that isn’t best-in-class, but is still near the top of the pack, and software updates for basically as long as you’re going to own the phone.