The iPad Excels at Long Form Writing

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Using iPad for Long-Form Writing - Joe Cieplinski

So why, then, am I typing this with a mechanical keyboard on my iPad? Well, because I discovered that for prolonged periods of typing, where I want to do nothing else but type thousands of words for a blog post, a combination of Apple’s Magic Keyboard and iOS can actually be a better choice than my MacBook Pro.

I was using the Magic Keyboard with my iPad Pro, but recently switched to the Smart Keyboard and am quite happy.

The Smart Keyboard is really satisfying to type on (fight me 😉) and benefits from being built into the case, which makes the iPad + keyboard feel more like a cohesive unit than a loose Bluetooth keyboard. I was also frustrated by the fact that I had to manually turn off the Magic Keyboard every time I took the iPad away from the keyboard. Otherwise, the keyboard would remain connected and the virtual keyboard would not come up when I needed to type, even though the keyboard was in the next room. Since the Smart Keyboard only communicates over the smart connector, it disconnects immediately when I pull it off the iPad.