The iPad is Not a Car

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

An Apt Analogy –

When people start to complain about computing devices, they often turn to their favorite car analogy. But most of them get the wrong vehicle type when it comes to the iPad Pro. It’s not a V8 sports car. It’s not a motorcycle. It’s not a bike. It’s a modular computer which can do a lot of things well, makes trade-offs in certain areas to maintain flexibility and portability anywhere you want to go. So if you are going to target the iPad in this way, use an apt vehicle analogy: The iPad is a Wrangler.

Analogies for this sort of thing (like walled garden vs theme park) are a little tired, but I dig Tim’s Jeep Wrangler take. A Wrangler isn’t the right vehicle for me or for most people, but I’m fairly sure there aren’t people in the car community debating whether Wranglers are real cars.