The Most Important iPhone Camera Review

Posted by Matt Birchler
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The Most Important iPhone Camera Review

iPhone 12 Pro Camera Review: Glacier — Austin Mann

Traditionally, RAW files themselves can’t be edited. When adjustments are made, they’re stored in a reference file instead of destructively changing the original image file.
With this in mind, many publications require the submission of RAW files for the images sent in by photographers. This allows them to examine the original, untouched data and helps protect their legitimacy as a news source.
If the ProRAW format really does work this way, it marks an important step forward in the validation of the iPhone camera as a tool photographers can rely on to deliver client work, particularly in the editorial space.

Austin Mann does his annual thing, and this one is particularly excellent. I never knew about this point about submitting RAWs with the edited photo to publications to help to validate the authenticity of the shot.