The Most Substantial Changes to the Movie Theater Business in Decades is Happening Right Now

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Judge Agrees to End Paramount Consent Decrees | Hollywood Reporter

The changes with surefire impact, though, will be a lifting of the ban on studios licensing their works on a packaged basis. Again, the judge looks to a shifting market as a justification for allowing this to happen two years hence when a sunset period expires.

In addition to the acceleration of the home release model spurred by COVID-19 this year, this new decision from the DOJ has major potential to change how movie theaters work going forward.

If indie theaters were worried about the move to streaming, now they have the cherry on top of worrying about Disney, Amazon, and the rest buying up theaters and restricting what films will be shown at what theaters. Get ready for more trailers saying something like, “coming this summer exclusively to Disney Theaters near you.”