By Matt Birchler
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The Pixel 4’s Face Unlock is Hampered by Android

I hate my pixel 4 for one reason and one reason only : reddit

BANKING APPS FACIAL RECOGNITION DOESN'T WORK. My most important apps are now a pain in the ass to use because I have to physically log in.

I can attest to this too. We’re over 2 months into the Pixel 4’s existence and almost no apps use the face unlock feature. Most notably, Chase does not support it, which means I have to either enter my password every time I launch the app, or I need to enable 1Password’s “full system access” feature to let it basically see everything I do on my phone so it can fill out fields for me.

Face unlock is a great feature, I love it on the iPhone, and I love it in the apps that support it on my Pixel, but it still feels like a half-measure, which is a shame.

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